Win a chance to explore Baja California on an expedition cruise

November 6, 2012 9:00 am

When fantastic photography and innovative artists surround you, it fuels a desire to improve your own work. Inspiration comes in many forms, but the hardest part is facilitating an outlet and creating.

But what if you had a chance to travel outside of your comfort zone, both physically and creatively? Through the 5th Anniversary Lindblad Expedition sponsored by Linblad Expeditions, you have the opportunity to win an exploration to not only see, but capture.  We are once again excited to welcome Linblad Expeditions and their generous support of FotoDC as a Titanium Sponsor.

On this 8 day/7 night trip, you will experience the beauty of Baja California, including the sea’s treasures. Spend the day exploring, but also learning photography techniques and editing skills from trained photography experts.

The sweepstake can be entered four ways, by text, web, mail, or sweepstakes tickets, with no purchase required to enter. Once the sweepstake begins on Wednesday, November 7th, simply text “Foto” or “Photo” to 52000 to enter to win a spot on the Baja California expedition, along with a $5 donation to help support FotoDC in the process.  Or, mail a post card to us with your full name, telephone number, and email address to 1050 17th Street, NW Suite #560 Washington DC 20036. And lastly, sweepstakes tickets will be sold at FotoWeekCentral from November 9 to the 18. At the festival’s end, the entries will be collected and a winner randomly selected on December 3rd.

- Devin Joyce



Titanium Sponsor: Lindblad Expeditions

November 9, 2011 12:00 pm

FotoWeek DC is thrilled to welcome a partnership with Lindblad Expeditions and their generous support as a Titanium Sponsor.

Lindblad Expeditions is a pioneer in ship-based expedition travel, allied with National Geographic to inspire people to explore and care about the planet. For over 40 years, Lindblad Expeditions has been taking curious, intelligent people out into the world to actively explore the planet’s most interesting and photogenic places – Galapagos, Antarctica, Alaska, Baja California Costa Rica and more – on ships equipped with cool exploration tools, accompanied by Lindblad’s renowned expedition teams.

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Their exclusive Expedition Photography program gives photo enthusiasts matchless opportunities: Lindblad-National Geographic certified Photo Instructors aboard every ship in the Lindblad-National Geographic fleet to provide help with camera models and instruction; and National Geographic Photographers aboard every departure of National Geographic Explorer, for pro-level advice and assistance. In addition, Photo Expeditions, select departures designed by and for photographers, give shooters time and vantage points to capture incredible photo opps, plus the assistance of Photo Instructors and National Geographic Photographers. Photo enthusiasts of all skill and interest levels are welcome.

Alliance with FotoWeek DC: Photography has been a priority for Lindblad Expeditions for over 40 years. Photographers have accompanied Lindblad Expeditions since we pioneered expedition travel to Galapagos and Antarctica in 1966 and 1967. All the photographs used in our print, digital, and video marketing are shot by expedition photographers and videographers.

The mission of the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic alliance is to inspire people to explore and care about the planet.  Our Expedition Photography program is a product of this unique alliance.

People with cameras board our ships every week. All of them want to take pictures. Some of them are knowledgeable; most of them have their cameras set on ‘Auto’. By helping photo enthusiasts of all levels improve their skills and capture the moments at the heart of their expeditions, we advance the mission — photographers sharing the planet’s wonders inspire others.

What photographers can expect from a Lindblad Expedition: Only Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic offers Expedition Photography – an innovative and exclusive program that gives people incredible opportunities to explore, and return home better, more confident image-makers. Expedition Photography gives enthusiasts three ways to improve their shooting skills.

Photographers can travel aboard any ship in our fleet – to Alaska, Baja, Costa Rica, Galápagos and more – and benefit from the assistance of an onboard Lindblad-National Geographic Certified Photo Instructor. They can travel aboard National Geographic Explorer, the world’s ultimate expedition ship, from Pole to Pole, and shoot alongside a National Geographic Photographer. And they can opt to take a Photo Expedition, select departures designed by photographers for photographers, offering unprecedented immersion, premium shooting situations and photo ops; plus onboard clinics, one-to-one critiques and “Laptop Gallery” events for the community.

A Lindblad-National Geographic expedition is the perfect environment for people traveling together who have different interests. Often non-photographer companions say photographers “hide inside their viewfinders.” Now, photography enables everyone to be “present” in inspiring geographies in a profound way. To shoot great photos you have to learn, observe and really see – the camera is a great tool for living in the moment.

And, because Lindblad-National Geographic certified Photo Instructors are all veteran Naturalists, they really help photographers shooting in these privileged wild situations by providing helpful tips and direction. Before you can capture the perfect breaching whale shot, you have to know something about whale behavior. Thru the tutoring of these Naturalist-Photo Instructors, photographers are able to increase their yield and create their best photos ever.

We offer photographers the opportunity to discover the world inside their viewfinders. The program is very inclusive – all that’s needed is an interest in taking photos, and all levels are welcome.

-Lindblad Expeditions