The mobile camera revolution comes with prizes!

No one can deny it – that handy little device always in your hand is also how you keep in touch with the world. Not only can your point-and-shoot camera send texts and emails, it can also make phone calls and search the Internet. Even the pictures it takes can be sent right from the camera to any other mobile camera! Cameras sure have come a long way.

Last year, FotoWeek DC recognized the significance of the mobile phone camera by establishing its very own category in the international competition as well as the first FotoWeek Mobile Phone Contest. This year, with the number of mobile phone entries in the international contest nearly 1,000, the integration of this device into our daily lives has grown some solid roots. (Tell me, honestly, just between us…how many times did you use your phone’s camera today? The first thing I did when I got home from work was snap a picture of my lazy dog lounging on the sofa and promptly sent it to Twitter. Even I, who only shoots film, use my camera phone as my digital point-and-shoot – and, it’s the only one I have.)

The FotoWeek DC Mobile Phone Contest is back this year along with several mobile phone-related events and partners including Instant DC, who is on the contest’s judging team and had their very own opening last night.

There’s still time enter AND take photos – Entries are due by noon tomorrow, Friday, November 11.

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