Reviews at Goethe Institut – Sunday, Nov. 3rd 10am – 5pm

The Goethe Institut is located in the heart of Washington, D.C. at 812 7th Street Northwest, 20001.


FotoWeekDC portfolio reviews provide photographers at all levels with the opportunity to have their work reviewed by a distinguished lineup of professionals. Curators, photographers, photography dealers, photo editors, and other experts from the fields of fine art, photojournalism, and multimedia offer frank appraisals, valuable business insights, and key advice on all aspects of your work.

Photographers of all levels will have the opportunity to meet for 25 minutes with one or more reviewers on Sunday, Nov. 3rd 10am – 5pm.

These reviews are a great opportunity to meet one-on-one with photo professionals to review your best work.  Depending on your goals, you will be able to show your portfolio, get feedback or advice on its structure, seek marketing advice, or propose an illustrated article, photo essay, book or exhibit idea.










The portfolio you present should be a sampling of your best work; the following guidelines may help you in your preparation and presentation.

  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your review and check in at the Registration Desk. There will be a waiting area, and you will be guided to your reviewer at the appropriate time.  If for any reason you cannot attend your review, please contact us ahead of time via e-mail: info@fotoweekdc.org
  • Do your research: consider who are you seeing and what they are most likely to want to see by checking their bios, websites and preferences.
  • You should show a flat printed portfolio or a digital presentation of your work, remembering that a computer screen may not be the ideal way to present your images.  Also, please note: digital images must be viewable on your own battery powered laptop computer.  There will be no other computers available for you, power sources or internet connections. At least 5 minutes prior to your review time, you should have your computer on and booted up with your digital portfolio loaded and on screen, ready for review.
  • You should prepare at least 15 – 20 images, regardless of whether they are digital or printed. Prints or tear sheets ideally should be compiled into a presentation book or box. If you’re showing prints, simplify the viewing experience, i.e. it’s best if there aren’t any sleeves that you must remove and place back on the prints as you leaf through them. Remember that time is of the essence and distractions take away from valuable time the reviewer can spend with you.
  • For digital presentation, the files should be a minimum of 600 pixels on the long side, JPEGS only, and have a modest file size (100kb to 400kb, for example) for faster loading.
  • Digital files should be sized to give maximum impact and to show best on your computer.
  • All reviews are 20 minutes with a 5 minute grace period for the reviewer to make notes and for your to collect your materials.  Remember there will be another person waiting for their review immediately after yours.
  • All Portfolio Reviews sales are final; refunds will not be provided.


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